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At 10:00am on Sunday morning, December 13th, 2009
I collected the auction that put me over 100,000 gold!!!
(screenshot was taken, and will hopefully be uploaded soon)

Oh man, when did I start this? March 1st? No it was March 2nd, 2009.
So that is 9 months and 11 days to go from a measley 21,094 gold to breaking the 100k barrier!!! POW!!

Oh man does it feel good!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Watch my progress below as I strive to make 100,000 gold!

Current Count:

align box

All of the "counter" images that you see are from actual screenshots of my backpack!!
I take a screenshot, then paste the bottom portion of my backpack into a 165x18 pixel image.


BLAH! A catastrophe DID strike!! On Fri 12/18 my computer literally blew up! Not a system glitch, nor blue-screen or internet issue... no, I was sitting there collecting my auctions when from deep inside my computer came the sound "wrrrrrRRRRRRRRHHHHHFFFF-POOF!".

It actually made a "poof" sound. The monitor and all lights went instantly and totally black! Then I actually smelled the smell of burning plastic.

That is about as close to a computer "literally" blowing up as it gets.

The Granston Gold Machine has halted. I know before it blew up that I had just past 110,000 gold. So that was awesome. Was looking like an awesome week.

I don't know when/if I will get the computer fixed, or have to buy new. Will be out of commission for the time being.

Man, I actually feel sooooo LUCKY I hit 100k before the computer went down!! To reach that goal has felt reeeeeally good. If I would have been at 95-99k and THEN my comp woulda blown up? I would have been SSOOOOOOOOO bummed for the holidays! :)


+ 4,714


A strong week has crushed me RIGHT PAST MY 100K GOAL!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!! Sales were VERY strong and competition LIGHT.

Oh yay! No matter how much I expected to hit the 100k mark, or how soon, to actually finally SEE it in my backpack was a WONDERFUL and looooong awaited sight! I almost got a little misty-eyed! (not really)

Ooohhh, whew! Does it feel gooooood.

And I hit on 12/13, so 12 days before Christmas. Now's time to start working towards that Mekgineer Chopper eh??


+ 5,619 Gold

Another "mediocre" week of ONLY +5,600 gold. :(


Well one step closer... I can almsot SMELL that big pile of 100,000 gold.... Er, actually 100,000 gold wouldn't smell much different than the 95,000 pile I have now...

Probably wouldn't smell at all? And, heck, it's all virtual anyways... just a cruddy choice of phrases come to think of it?

Does anyone use "cruddy" anymore? Maybe they should. It's kinda neat.


ANYWHO! 100,000 in the next week seems inevitable at this point!! Woo! Barring any sort of catastrophes.


+ 4,650 Gold

Daaaaah! No 100k over Thanksgiving weekend! I knew I was way off pace, but still thought ".. just maybe....".

Another low, 4k+ week! (I'm still in shock that I call +4,000 gold "low". :) )

I seemed to stock up on a LOT of mats this week as they came available - so hopefully that accounts for the low total, and could mean some big weeks of realizing profits ahead. I tell you what, with all the new, high-end stuff I am producing, fluctuation in my gold total due to mat buying is HUGE! Whereas before I could spend 500-1,000 gold in one day buying mats, now I can spend 3-5,000!! That takes a little getting used too!

And man, there is still a lot of competition at the moment. And this week was more proof as to the increased time commitment necessary. Which means real-life will impact my gold production EVEN MORE than usual! (and real-life was kicking me in the groin this week. :/ )

But I am not complainin'. :)

Life is good.

And I should eeeeasily break 100k WELL BEFORE Christmas!! Which is awesome. Would be kinda cool if I can hit 115k and buy my chopper before Christmas too.


+ 4,741 Gold

I.. Am.. Testing.. The mat... supply... limits of my server... can all the gamers and farmers provide enough mats for the Granston Gold Machine?????..... Muehehehheeeheh!

Juuuuust teasing. Sort of.

I do find myself in need of some of the basic mats needed to meet the sales demands! ONLY 4,000+ this week-- oooh how my perspective/expectations have changed! This has knocked me off pace to hit 100k after Thanksgiving. But oh well! Still having a blast!!

Am meeting some stiff competition too, time will tell if they will go away or if I can knock them out of business or if there will be a rotating bunch of contenders!

Also, this is now a lot more work. :) Before this gold explosion I could boast that I spent about 30 mins a day, producing 1-2k gold per week. Now I probably spend more than 2 hrs a day on average! Gad!


+ 8,021 Gold

Pow, my prediction was right on!

#1. My weekly profit was going to be down compared to last week due to having depleted almost all of my mats, and
#2. I still hit 80k.


The scaaaaaary part is I managed to hit those projections while channelling a bunch of resources into new developments. The 9,000+ last week was largely due to realizing profits from my main profession. This week I have discoverd a POTENTIALLY BIGGER GOLD MINE!

My second profession, which I labelled as "sucking eggs" and thinking of DROPPING just TWO WEEKS AGO, looks like it has finally panned out! I have discovered and succesfully tested a MOTHERLOAD of new items! A motherload that could EXCEED MY MAIN PROFESSION!!

Do you KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! Theoretically I might be able to DOUBLE that weekly profit of 9,000+!!

A bold prediction bordering on ridiculous? Are you crazy Granston??

Oh man I am so excited! Before this GOLD BOOM I was on pace to hit 100k gold around summer 2010! haha

Now, (dare I say it?) I could very well be flirting with 100,000 gold right after Thanksgiving!


Oh it will then be a goood Christmas for Granston... I better start making a Christmas list!!

#1 a 15,000-gold Mekgineer Chopper! Awww yeah!


+ 9,434 Gold

O. M. G.



Woooha! What a week! I blew right past my 50% increase/6,600g/70,000g "bold" prediction! Now I did say I might start flirting with 10k - but had no idea it would be so soon! It was a very focused week, and may have been an exceptional week of "realizing profits", but we will see. I know I am guilty of refraining from stocking up on mats the past 2 days just to see how high I could push the gold total. So I won't be surprised if this next week's profit will retract a little bit.

But still, I am going to shoot for 80,000g by next Tuesday. hehehe
Raking in 9,400+ in one week has totally raised the bar. ;)

This is awesome.

All of the sudden 100,000 gold doesn't seem that far off.... :P


+ 4,402 Gold


How ya' like me now!?

(Okay, so the 1st expression above is brought to you from 2001,... the 2nd from 1989.)

My apologies. :)

ANYWAY! Next week is here aaaaaaaaand....
*Ka-dunk!* to 4,400 gold hitting the bottom of the backpack! Yahoo!

Was a very fun week with all of my new toys (ie. "trade items") to play with (ie. "make and sell")! It has been highly entertaining and challenging to work in this set of a WHOLE LOTTA new items into the fold, and getting down all the details. But it will still be a week or two before I can refine all of the profitting details down to a science.

4,400 gold is, of course, very nice, but there is MUCH more potential I think. So I BOLDLY predict a 50% increase for this next week = 6,600 gold for the week.


TOO bold perhaps?

Yet I think there is still more potential after THAT. As I do get things down to a science I would not be surprised if I flirt with 10,000g each week. And, ya' know, that is with mainly focusing on only ONE profession. My other profession is sucking eggs!! (I have NO IDEA what that phrase means - sorry if I have offended anybody... I should probably Google it...) Anyway, I will continue to test this second profession's potential, but MAN I am seriously considering switching it to something else, because it has just NOT panned out AT ALL.


- 13,826 Gold

I know exactly what you're thinking!

"Oh noes.. Granston what happened to all ur goldz!!?!"


My answer is: I. Am. A. Fool!

First I was philanthropically foolish (not really I had no trouble doing this), and gave my previously mentioned WoW friend another 5,000g to buy an epic flying mount for his next character hitting level 70. :) My apparently fragile ego only needed the minor stroking of being called his "rich friend" and I was like "That's right! Here is 5k!!" :D

Second and more testacular, during the last week, while bored, I was surfing random YouTube videos on WoW. (At work of course.) :( Come to think of it I believe it started with videos on farming Motes of Fire (ie. Primal Fires - and, mind you, it was for entertainment purposes only - as I do not farm my mats!!). This of course started me on a string of one random video to the next. (you know how that goes) Eventually I hit a video of a guy claiming to have hit the maximum allowable gold limit for character and decided to watch it for grins.

It looked fun and legit so I clicked on the link to his free gold guide website. (I still maintain I have never read a gold guide, but on very rare occasions read forums or watched videos for inspiration. This must have been the first website I have actually looked at....)

Anywho, his simple method for AH gold making caught me on a bad day psychologically as IT TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND! I read his simple method and realized I was making about 10% OF WHAT I COULD BE MAKING!!!

I. Am. A. FOOL!

I swear you will laugh. How could I have been so blind?? How could this simple thing never have occurred to me?!

But I cut myself some slack, I was making plenty of gold for myself and real-life has me in a horrible state of severe and constant sleep deprivation, as well as precious little time and energy to rake in the gold that I do make!

ANYWHO, this simple enlightenment to this simple idea could/should/will lead to an increase in weekly gold that I DARE NOT PREDICT!!!

Okay, so I do dare... I think I could start raking in over 10,000/week now. :(

Time will tell if I will be eating those words.

Okay so ya ready? I said you'll laugh! The simple thing that I was TOTALLY BLIND TO?? The simple thing that will lead to a MASSIVE GOLD EXPLOSION?!? READY??

The simple thing is: maxing out my professions.

WHAT?! That's it?


How the hell could I rake in over 80,000 gold over the past 10 months and the idea never occurred to me to max out my crafting skills?!?! Surely you are laughing by now.... :D

ANYWHO (#3), that is what this guy says he does. I got mega-inspired and spent a night or two buying mats and maxing out my professions. I gathered data on all the new items: cost to buy each mat, cost to make each item, profit margin, and tracking sales/demand, etc.

And after a couple days of this I am thinking there is going to be a SERIOUS GOLD EXPLOSION in the weeks ahead. It has completely BLOWN the Secret Six and The Mighty Ten COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WATER!!

I will keep selling the Secret Six (still VERY profitable), but The Mighty Ten (all 20 of them) are completely obsolete now!!

Loooong story short (too late), THAT is why I lost soooo much gold this week. I gave away 5,000, then proceeded to "invest" let's say another 10,000+ in mats to raise professions and start the new gold hording machine.

Egad this could be awesome. :P Only time will tell. I will see you here next week and there should be a hella-lot more proof as to the potential of the new gold strat!


+ 1,594 Gold

Eeeeewwww! Bah! 1,500g for the week. I knew it wasn't going to be much = I was out of town over the weekend = ouch on gold profit. Which is a shame because competition was (refreshingly) down for a change.

Man, sales still down on The Mighty Ten though. The first week I sold 100 items! It has been down, down, down each week since. Was the first week just an isolated incident? But what I REALLY wonder is do I have that much of an affect on the market? Seriously. Is it possible that one person can start buying/selling an item(s) and within a week it can generate a reaction of a whole lot of other sellers?


Still having a blast though! Looking forward to a solid week this week. Solid week of - *ka-dunk* - a couple-thousand gold adding to the top of the 70,000g pile! :D

This week:
Secret Six: 36
The Mighty Ten: 41


+ 2,506 Gold

Hehehe, okay so...

Total sell-off week for 5,000 gold gain = FAIL

Market is down! Market is down! There wasn't a whole lot of action (ie. "buying") this week. I was very diligent with the auctions, and tried my best to refrain from buying mats -- but still dropped about 200-300g on them. :)

Just not a whole lot of people buying this week! I am sure that won't last for long.....

Oooh man, but it SURE felt GREAT to crush past the 70,000 mark!! Yaaaaahoooooo!!

This week:
Secret Six: 21
The Mighty Ten: 37


+ 1,146 Gold
Ack! Only 1100 gold! :(((

Er, don't know what the H happened! The Secret Six and The Mighty Ten both sold well! .. but only 1100 gold? :(((

Now, I DO KNOW that I bought three 20-slot Frostweave Bags, at 65g a pop = 195g. And I DO RECALL that I spent about 400g on a certain item in The Mighty Ten that there was a PLETHORA of over the weekend -- ie., MANY for sale, at driven-down prices -- so that should equate to future profits. But surely there still must be more profit-loss somewhere that I don't remember.

Note: hehe, I tend to throw in financial jargon like "profit-loss" (hopefully relatively accurately), but I will have you know I am in no way financially educated. :) For example, see my made-up term "driven-down prices" above. :(

Uh, also not an English major either: who uses 3 words in a row, all ending in "-ly"?? (see above, "hopefully relatively accurately") I seriously did that. Don't know if that is grammatically legal.... ...but could be some sort of record.

Anywho the dramatic drop in profit this week has inspired me with the knee-jerk reaction of "what if I concentrate on selling off for a week.. with no mat buying..?" Hmmmmm.

/e Granston wrings his hands together and squints his eyes greedily....

I might give that a shot! ...wonder if I can smash past, like, 5,000g!

That would be awesome.

This week:

Secret Six: 32
The Mighty Ten: 82


+ 3,150 Gold
O M G.

Okay sooooo the Mighty Ten?? TOTALLY KICKED ASS! Instead of finding and testing 10, of course, I brainstormed a list and tested all of them. This test list was actually... 20. :D

And instead of selling 10 per day for 70 this week, I kept a count and actually sold (exactly) 100 of them. And if I had to guess I would say the profits on these may have been in the 12-15g range, as opposed to 10g.

*Ka-dunk* (My new sound for 3,000+ gold hitting the bottom of my backpack. Like? No? Damn.:( )

The Mighty Ten were responsible for the mega-boost in gold this week. I have to say I am pretty excited about my new, gold-hoarding future! What will this next week have in store??

I believe I will start a weekly count of items sold from the Secret Six and The Mighty Ten. This week:

Secret Six: 17
The Mighty Ten: 100


+1,684 Gold
Yay 1,600 gold again!

And for next week I have started implementing a strategy of: finding 10 items to sell on the AH, at a price that is 10g profit, and sells at least 1 per day. So that would be 10x10x7 = 700g per week! As I find them I shall call them The Mighty Ten. Out of the THOUSANDS of items in Warcraft, finding ten to fit this simple criteria should be easy!

The Mighty Ten will be a great compliment to the hugely profitable Secret Six. (insert dramatic background music)

I just now came up with that name: Secret Six. I had to, as these 6 items have been my insanely lucrative staple for pouring gold into my backpack for the past 10 months! It costs me about 50g to create these 6 items. They turn around and sell for over 370g.

That is awesome profit.

And even if that doesn't impress you, the more awesome part is: they sell like hot cakes! CONSISTENTLY!

In the very near future I need to put up a gold guide with the Secret Six and The Mighty Ten.....


+1,612 Gold
Yay 1,600 more gold!

Okay I was just complimenting a dood on his Mekgineer Chopper the other night in Dragonblight, when I noticed HE WAS NOT level 80!?!? I thought that was required!! (I think he was level 77) So I asked and he said that requirement was removed in the last patch! EH?!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I haven't been able to confirm that yet, buuuuut, Mekgineer Chopper here I come!!!! Yeehaw!

Just kidding. Actually, that may still have to wait....

Unfortunately I WAS able to confirm the price tag on one of these. You're looking at around 15,000 gold. Ouch. That would be a big dent in my big pile of gold. I think I am going to have to resist the urge.

MAN I want one of those choppers!!!

But I can't delay my 100k goal any further. I am presently thinking I will have to wait and earn 115,000 gold, then buy my chopper. ;) (but then again I am notoriously impulsive, and could be rolling around in a Mekgineer Chopper this weekend. hehehe)

The Guild Update: Yes I continue to obsessively watch "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" on YouTube. I have bought both the song and video on iTunes. And I re-watch episodes and gag reels of the series on breaks at work. HELLAFUN. BIG FAN.


+ 2,124 Gold
Still leveling the main. Shooting for 80 with dreams of that Mekgineer Chopper mount. :D (Do they REALLY cost about 18,000g??) …. And yes, I am still repeatedly watching The Guild's music video "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar". I have caught myself up on all the episodes of The Guild, and currently think the show, cast, etc. are totally and unequivically (sp?) awesome. And can I get a "hip-hip-hooray for 60k!!"?? No? Hey at least it rhymes.


+ 3,325 Gold
Okay, can't stop watching The Guild's "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" video. Anyone else having that problem?? Hehe My obsession has over-shadowed a 3,300+ gold gain this week!


+ 1,472 Gold
Solid week. Solid, considering I also started leveling my main again! Oh, and have we all seen the music video put out by The Guild this week??? Awwww YEAH! Put me on the list of nerds that now thinks Felicia Day/Codex is a sex goddess. (Sorry Felicia) And don't get me wrong, the rest of the cast is awesome. Great characters and writing Felicia!


+ 3,051 Gold
Aaawww YEAH!! Mother Auction House just pissed her pants-suit! That is a modified line from the movie Tropic Thunder. I've always wanted to say that. I have no idea why…. But it seems appropriate (though it doesn't make any sense whatsoevah) as I have blasted through my previous gold high of 52k. Onward and upward baby!


+ 0 Gold
Not sure I got a screenshot for this week…. Fingers crossed. (later that evening….) OMG - I totally did not capture a screenshot this week! Yack!!


+ 2,003 Gold
Ka-ching -- or insert some better sound effect for 2,000+ gold hitting the bottom of my backpack! Woo!

And can I get a "hallalujah" (no idea how to spell that...) for breaking the 50k gold mark again! Weeeee!

At almost 51,000 I can sniff the scent of my previous high-water mark of 52,000 gold like a Snow Tracker Wolf sniffing the scent of its next meal in the frozen air of Dun Morogh....
(over-dramatic? ... that's what I was going for.... muehehehe!)


+ 798 Gold
Yugh. Okay, so raise your hand if you had major login issues with WoW this week.

/e Granston raises his hand.

I am pleasantly surprised I cashed in at a 700+ gold profit! I think I missed all or part of 4 days with not being able to log in to WoW.

Not that I am complaining! I love my WoW. :(


+ 1,118 Gold
Okay gains for the week. Plus had another week of stockpiling mats. Was a plethora of Mote of Fires, Primal Fires and Knothide Leather. Sooooo 2 weeks of mat stockpiling should equal some big weeks of "realizing profits" in the near future!

That will be nice, as I am DYING to get back to 52k!! (when I gave away 10,000 gold)


+ 651 Gold
Kinda loaded up on mats this week, and my diligence in selling relaxed a bit. I bet I stockpiled 400-500g in mats, above and beyond a normal week. Was a glut of Fel Iron Bars this week for some reason! Which was a WELCOME change, as they have been hard to come buy for months.


+ 2,868 Gold
Excellent - good, strong gains. Sales felt good. Competition seemed low. Maybe due to the holiday? Dunno, but well on my way to recovering that 10k lost by Granston the Philanthropic.


- 7,908 Gold
Daaaahh!! - 7,908!? Granston what happened?!?

Eeeasy now my loyal gold blog readers!! This week my dear friend and fellow Warcrafter that was taking an indefinite break from WoW has returned. Those of you that have read my story will know that I promised this friend 5,000 gold for an epic flying mount if ever he returned to Warcraft.

I was so surprised and glad of his return, that when he jokingly asked for 10,000 for the mount and spending cash I didn't hesitate to grant him his wish. XD

Sooo in reality, if you factor that 10k back in, I actually gained 2,092 gold this week. Solid gains. I'll take 'em!


+ 1,667 Gold
Aahhh FINALLY!! 50k gold!
Another good, solid week has pushed me right past 50,000! (I'm half-way there. Zoinks!)
The gold gain is tougher compared to earlier in the blog and relative to the first 3 months after WOTLK. The gravy train that poured gold into my backpack then has all but come to a stop. But like life, and real markets and real economies you have to adapt and evolve to continue, grow, survive, profit.
All things change, good and bad.


+ 1,447 Gold
Good - a solid week. Sales and competition are still very challenging, but have unlocked some new avenues of revenue that gave a small financial boost, and a large morale boost. :)


- 156 Gold
Hehehe - ah, that's more like it! An actual NEGATIVE week! Yikes, that is a first. Well the sitch with the sales and competition was the same as the week before = suck. So am thinking will have to explore new avenues of revenue.... Then I got the wild hair to make a new bank/AH alt! Hehehe Of course I had to buy her all new bags, bank slots and bags for the bank slots. Then I pimped her out with a 30g jungle hat, a 100g pair of Ruby Shades and slapped on a 30g Fiery Enchant on her level 1 2h sword. :))))


+ 1,324 Gold
Alright: 1,300+. That is actually shocking. Sales feel suppressed and competition is sky-rocketing! I can't believe ended up with this much gain!


+ 854 Gold
Hehe, ouch. Applying myself, harder work, diligence, blah blah blah all took a hit this week. Was a crazy week in RL so my gold generating machine lost some focus! Eeeeeveryone can relate to the ol' real-life (dad-nabbit) interfering with Warcraft time!! grrr :P Heh, in fact looking back at my fluctuating profits week-to-week I would totally blame that all on RL interference! :)


+ 3,721 Gold
Woo-ha! Another strooong week. Applying myself with harder work paid off again. Don't get me wrong, when I say "harder work" that means being slightly more diligent and putting in about 30 mins twice a day, every day. (and 3-4 times on Sat and Sun) It is a lot of fun to rake in this much gold while spending such a little amount of time - all of which is detailed in Granston's Gold Guide. (shameless plug ;) )


+ 3,217 Gold
Ahhh - a solid week! +3200 gold is very nice, but I was working pretty hard at it. Has me wondering what the deal was with those back-to-back 5-6k weeks I had!! Were those just magical weeks? Or lucky? Probably a bit of both. The real question is when will I get over it and stop talking about those 2 weeks? :P


+ 1,693 Gold
Heh, some modest gains this week. (if you'd call around 1,700 profit "modest"?) Still room to apply myself a bit harder, but getting back into the flow of things... let's see if I can get back to those 5-6k weeks tho.... : /


+ 949 Gold
Whew-weee. Eeking along here. Still making gains, and accumulating mats but not realizing much profits after those 2 stellar weeks! At first I thought it might be a change in the market (ie. a recession :)), but am now thinking I need to apply myself a bit more this next week. Work a little harder. See if that will increase profits, get me outta this slump!


+ 609 Gold
Oookay, so I took a bit of a hiatus. I took 1 week completely off warcraft, and sales haven't been strong working on it part-time since. Gold count is only slightly up, but WOAH MAN did I hit the mother lode when I came back! Dropped 2000+g on mats in about 30mins of buying. Low, low prices across the board. Good times!


+ 5,985 Gold
Kick butt! Another awesome week! But 2 in a row does not make a trend. But 3 WILL make it a "streak"! :) I do feel this could settle into the norm, as things are humming along pretty good atm.


+ 5,737 Gold
Woooahh ho ho ho! Talk about a banner week of "realizing profits"!!!! Was a gold EXPLOSION this week. Only time will tell if this was just a reeeeally good week, or a sign of things to come as I hit my AH rhythm!


+ 206 Gold
Well I did finally break 25,000. Hooray! But then proceeded to stock up on a whole ton of mats -- dropping me back below.

Never fear, I feel an AH rhythm approaching, and skyrocketing profits will be right behind. Besides, I learned looong ago that buying mats and selling items fluctuates GREATLY with the daily (and weekly) market. It is very common for me to go to my mailbox, collect 1,000g in successful auctions, go to the AH and spend 500 - 1,500g on mats, items, etc.; making my gold total fluctuate 1000-2000 on any given day.

The Good News: I broke the 25k barrier, and am settling into a good AH rhythm.

The Bad News: the 3 epic/purple Leatherworking patterns I spent 1,500g on?? Still looks like they are not going to pay off. :) I will still try them for a couple weeks, and even look again at them in the weeks/months ahead, but it's not looking good....


+ 253 Gold
Okay, so I didn't hit the 25,000 mark. BUT I have a good excuse: I bought 3 epic/purple Leatherworking patterns totalling 1,500 gold! I bit of a risk (but one I am willing to take since I am sitting on 24,000g!), and only time will tell if they pay off. These items cost about 150-200g to make, but if they turn around and sell for 250-300+g I would be very happy.

So far? Not looking like there is much demand for them. :(

3,000 gold in 2 weeks.... not quite the pace I am shooting for, hehe. ;) But I know things will GREATLY increase as research settles and auctioning gets back to a good rhythm.


+ 1,840 Gold
E-e-e-e-excellent. Had a GREAT start to the week, but then purchased A TON of mats, leaving me with close to 24,000 gold atm. I wonder if I can break 25,000 at the end of the weekend. (Sun night)


+ 1,010 Gold
Ack! Felt like a sloooow, weak week. Gave 1,000 gold to my main who ran out of money spending it on mats, training and recipes raising his NEW Leatherworking profession. Plus, spent 100's (if not 1000+) on mats in the AH. Thanks to a strong weekend was able to fight back and break 22,000!


Let the quest for 100k begin!

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