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Grizzly Hills
- Enemies (56) - Quests - Unique Enemies (3)

Name Levels
Amberpine Scout (TWA)73-74
Ancient Drakkari Soothsayer (TWA)73
Ancient Drakkari Warmonger (TWA)73
Bloodmoon Cultist (TWA)73-74
Bloodmoon Worgen (TWA)73-74
Conquest Hold Grunt (TWA)73-74
Conquest Hold Marauder (TWA)73-74
Conquest Hold Raider (TWA)73-74
Diseased Drakkari (TWA)73
Dragonflayer Flamebinder (TWA)73-74
Dragonflayer Huscarl (TWA)73-74
Drak'aguul (TWA)73
Drakkari Defender (TWA)74
Drakkari Oracle (TWA)73
Drakkari Plague Spreader (TWA)73
Drakkari Plaguebringer (TWA)73
Drakkari Protector (TWA)73
Drakkari Shaman (TWA)73
Drakkari Warrior (TWA)73
Drakkari Witch Doctor (TWA)73
Duskhowl Prowler (TWA)72-73
Entropic Ooze (TWA)72-73
Famished Scourge Troll (TWA)73
Fern Feeder Moth (TWA)73
Frostpaw Shaman (TWA)75
Frostpaw Trapper (TWA)75
Frostpaw Warrior (TWA)75
Graymist Hunter (TWA)73-74
Grizzly Bear (TWA)73-74

Runic Lightning Gunner
of Grizzly Hills

Guardian Serpent (TWA)72-73
Highland Mustang (TWA)74-75
Horrified Drakkari Shaman (TWA)73
Horrified Drakkari Warrior (TWA)73
Hungry Worg (TWA)72-73
Ice Serpent (TWA)72-73
Imperial Eagle (TWA)72-73
Infected Grizzly Bear (TWA)74
Injured Drakkari Refugee (TWA)74
Iron Rune Avenger (TWA)74-75
Iron Rune Overseer (TWA)74-75
Iron Rune-Shaper (TWA)73-74
Iron Rune-Smith (TWA)74-75
Iron Rune-Weaver (TWA)75
Lightning Sentry (TWA)74-75
Longhoof Grazer (TWA)72-74
Redfang Elder (TWA)75
Redfang Hunter (TWA)74-75
River Thresher (TWA)74
Rune Reaver (TWA)74-75
Runed Giant (TWA)74-75
Runic Battle Golem (TWA)73-74
Runic Lightning Gunner (TWA)74-75
Runic War Golem (TWA)74-75
Saronite Horror (TWA)73-74
Scourge Corpserender (TWA)73
Scourge Deathspeaker (TWA)72-73

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