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*** NEW!!! ***
Check out a sample of's new Guides Page!

It is a work-in-progress, but this is a prototype for Elwynn Forest. Enjoy! ;)

So, what is is a fast, visually-based guide to the World of Warcraft, organized and navigated by zone.

It is designed to aid players who love World of Warcraft in finding what they seek, solving problems they have, and, most importantly, providing fast information that allows deeper emersion and a fuller World of Warcraft experience.
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So, how do I use
Easy. Simply follow these 3 steps:
#1. Choose the continent of the zone you are in, or want to learn about.
#2. From the list of zones for that continent, select the category you wish to view.
#3. In the category, mouse over the item name for a visual and click the name for more information.

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